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As part of a statewide network of resource and technical service providers, the Wolf Point Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides confidential business counseling for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Services are provided at no charge and are designed to assist those looking to develop and enhance the financial, managerial and technical skills needed to compete and succeed in today’s complex business environment.

Seven counties in Northeast Montana are serviced by the Wolf Point SBDC office, they include: Daniels, Garfield, McCone, Richland, Roosevelt, Sheridan and Valley. For assistance please contact our SBDC Director Quincy Walter at  (406)-653-2590 ext 203 or

The Wolf Point SBDC is funded by the Small Business Administration, Montana Department of Commerce, and Great Northern Development Corporation.

Common Questions We Recieve:


Why isn’t my business making money?


Do I need to be an LLC?


Start Up, expansion & profitability


If I build it, will they come?


Business & Strategic Planning


Is my business idea feasible?


Financial Analysis


Where are the problem areas? 


Can you give me a loan?


Businesss Management & Development


Loan Packaging & Financial Projection Assistance


Market Research & Feasibility

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Small Business Spotlight

2023 Success Story - Big Sky Renovisions

“We knew it was the right time to leap, but we needed guidance. We wanted to understand the steps involved and determine if it was truly feasible, and that is when we found Quincy.”
In January 2022, Alisha Maiolo and Austin Oelkers started detailing vehicles for Fox Ford in Wolf Point to supplement their income. Local communities began to hear about their hard work, and the demand for their services continued to grow. Alisha and Austin decided to take their detailing business, Big Sky Renovisions, full-time and knew they needed guidance to be successful entrepreneurs.
Alisha and Austin reached out to the Great Northern Development Corporation and SBDC Regional Director Quincy Walter for help. Quincy was able to help them create a business plan, loan applications, and cash flow projections. With this assistance, Alisha and Austin were able to secure a Commercial Bank loan and Great Northern Development Corporation’s GAP financing to help them purchase their new building in Froid.
After buying their shop in July 2023, Alisha and Austin once again reached out to Quincy for technical assistance and training recommendations. They attended a Quickbooks training and were directed to the REAP program to equip their businesses for future success. To celebrate all their hard work, Big Sky Renovisions held a grand opening party in September to celebrate their success.
“Austin and Alisha are the small business startup success, we wish for every business in our region. They were so much fun to work with and you can see their passion and dedication to their business. They continue to ask questions on how to grow their business, which we know will succeed,” stated Quincy Walter.
2022 Success Story - Farmers Union Oil Company

Farmer’s Union Oil Company of Circle and Terry started in 1929 and heavily influenced Eastern Montana. They took a leap to become a cooperative with individual investment of $100. This investment was to be paid back with interest to the farmer in the form of equity. The cooperative experienced a lot of volatility over the years, but their predecessors worked hard so that Farmer’s Union could thrive today.

Frank Kasten became the General Manager of Farmer’s Union Oil Company of Circle and Terry in 2021. A neighbor, Jason Beery, is a long-time customer of Farmers Union Oil and prompted Frank to apply to the General Manager position. After becoming acquainted with the business and connecting with his team, Frank began working on a business plan for a new fertilizer plant. He knew he would need assistance and contacted the SBDC.

Frank started working with the Wolf Point SBDC in 2021when he reached out for help with his business plan. Former Regional Director Shandy Moran assisted Frank with his business plan, grant applications, and business loans. With this new business plan Farmers Union Oil Company will be able to build a 23,458 sq. foot fertilizer plant. This plant will serve a 45-mile radius in Eastern Montana.

Farmer’s Union Oil currently stores 1,500 tons of fertilizer. With the expansion they will be able to store 8,500 tons. The extra storage will allow the company to hold fertilizer for other distribution centers as well. The new distribution center will not only help with storage, but it will also help reduce consumer costs. Frank continues to work as General Manager overseeing operations.
Farmer’s Union Oil will continue serving Eastern Montana with the completion of the fertilizer plant. They plan to be fully operational in January 2023.

2021 Success Story - Farris Farm and Auto


After almost 25 years of being an employee at Carquest, Mike Farris went from spinning wrenches in the shop and helping customers at the front desk to purchasing the business with his wife, Steph. Farris Farm and Auto is a family-owned business passionate about delivering excellence in everything they do. “We serve our communities with a high level of integrity and passion in what we do. We deliver the right products to the right place at the right time.”
The couple was exploring the possibility of purchasing the business when Steph attended her first Quickbooks training. After the class, a lending partner suggested that she should reach out to Shandy at the Wolf Point SBDC for assistance in navigating the purchasing process. Shandy Moran, Wolf Point SBDC Regional Director, assisted Mike and Steph with business planning, financial projections, and cash flow analysis. Ultimately the plan they developed helped them secure the financial assistance they would need to make the dream a reality. The couple secured a commercial bank loan and additional financing through Great Northern Development Corporation, The Wolf Point SBDC’s host organization. 
Owning a business has challenged both Mike and Steph with role changes. Steph stepped in as the office manager and bookkeeper for Farris Farm and Auto while still holding her full-time job away from the business. Mike shifted from being the full-time shop mechanic to the lead parts technician. He spends many late nights making sure clients receive superior service in the machine shop.
Farris Farm and Auto supports the local ag community and finds themselves giving back through fair donations and event sponsorships. Looking back at his history in the store, Mike sees a lot that has changed in twenty-five years. However, the need for parts and quality customer service remains a constant for Mike and Steph.
November - Moonlight Laserworks LLC


Sarah was a chemist who found herself in Mexico setting up a cement lab for her employer, which is when she met her husband. After moving to Eastern Montana Sarah found herself needing a challenge. “Being a stay-at-home mom was fulfilling but I felt the pull to do more but it had to be something I was passionate about.”

When going to a trade show in Las Vegas, she encountered a vendor who specialized in laser engraving. Months later the idea was still brewing in her day-to-day thoughts of owning a custom engraving shop. “My husband finally encouraged me to seriously pursue this dream and that is exactly what I did.”

After deciding to start her business Sarah reached out to the SBDC office in Wolf Point for market research and feasibility, business planning, loan packaging, and financial projection assistance. “Liveplan was something that made the actual business planning more manageable for me to see. It was more step by step and helped me to create realistic goals and projections to take to the bank. I remember that Shandy gave me some really practical advice by saying that most people over-inflate their projections to look good, but the banks don’t like seeing you think you are going to make a killing in your first year. So when Independence Bank was really impressed with my realistic projections, it was such a sense of accomplishment. And I am so thankful to SBDC and Shandy for making it possible”.

With the help of GNDC and the SBDC, Sarah was able to apply and receive gap financing to secure her first laser machine for engraving along with other start-up costs. In her first year, she managed to exceed the one-year projections that she had made in Liveplan by her first 6 months in operation. “GNDC and specifically the SBDC allows me to continue to grow and network with other businesses in our area. It helps to share my business and what I have to offer.”

Not only does Sarah wear the owner hat of her business but she also is the creator, designer, and technical support for the lasers. “Being able to create a specific type of joy that not only a customer has when seeing the final product, but knowing that that joy is then shared with someone else when they give the gift just makes every day in the office that much better, knowing that I created that.”

Moonlight Laserworks creates an array of promotional materials for businesses and clients alike but also does custom engraving. “I enjoy working on awards and prizes, industrial parts, business swag and presents that you can give your family and friends. I truly get to do it all.”

Sarah has big goals for the years to come and is reevaluating her business and her projections constantly. “I want to be able to give back more to our communities and to continue to offer a unique service in our rural part of the state.”

Visit or on Facebook to view Sarah’s beautiful engraving creations and promotional products.

October - Sugg Primary Care Clinic

When you walk into Sugg Primary Care Clinic in Glasgow, you will feel right at home with a warm welcome and a comfortable atmosphere. Dawn Sugg, FNP-C was a nurse for 18 years and always felt a calling to do more and help her patients find the root cause of their problems. When an opportunity presented itself for her and her family to move back to Glasgow, she decided to take a leap of faith and open her own private practice in Eastern Montana. “I really wanted to get back to a small-town feel of medicine and meet patients where they were at in their life” At Sugg Primary Care Clinic patients will experience a family-friendly approach to care. Dawn Sugg, FNP-C wants medicine to be a listening ear to her patients. She works in an integrative care model and creates a sense of community. She said that she wants her patients to feel that they can work together to find the root cause of their illness or discomfort and have that open and honest interaction so that she can heal her patients entirely both mentally and physically.

Dawn sought out the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to help with the business planning aspect of her new clinic. “I am not a business-minded person, I needed help with the business planning, and that is exactly what you offered”. Through our business planning software Liveplan, the SBDC was able to help her build a business plan that will be the roadmap for Sugg Primary Care to expand and thrive.

Sugg Primary Care Clinic saw a need in the community and surrounding area of Glasgow to alleviate the urgent care overload and to work with the whole patient instead of just the problem. This allows for patient care to be much more realistic and attainable. Health care that is simplified, integrative, and for the patient. Make sure to check out the list of care that is offered at Sugg Clinic and join us in congratulating them in their grand opening this past August! If you have any questions please call  (406) 228-8013 or email

  • Annual Physicals
  • Medicare Wellness Exam
  • Well Child exams (infants through teenagers)
  • DOT Exams
  • Sports/school physicals
  • Women & Men’s Hormone Health
  • Minor Office procedures (Wart removal, laceration repair, lesion biopsy, etc)
  • IV therapy (Vitamin, mineral, amino acids, etc)
  • Laboratory services: Urine/UTI, Pregnancy tests, STI testing, strep, influenza, COVID testing, wellness labs, etc.



Whether you are starting a brand new business and need startup assistance or already have an established business and just need some additional funds to expand, GNDC may be able to provide you with the confidential assistance and gap financing that you need.

For additional information on how GNDC can assist you with your business endeavors contact our SBDC Director Quincy Walter at or at (406)-653-2590 ext 203.


The classroom is a valuable way to learn from experienced business owners and network with other small business owners just like you. We offer a variety of trainings such as:
– Profit Mastery
– Quickbooks
– Digital Marketing Strategies
– Hubzone
– Business Plan Development
The LaunchPoint: Pre-Business Workshop


For assistance in registering for our upcoming events or to see our upcoming training schedule contact our SBDC Director at  (406)-653-2590 ext 203 or at

-2024 Trainings for Northeastern Montana


Unlock the blueprint to your business success with our exclusive free Business Plan Class, expertly curated and led by the Regional SBDC Director, Quincy Walter.

What to Expect:
This class covers the foundational executive summary and the details of financial planning. 

 We will go over creating: 

  • Crafting a Compelling Summary
  • Strategizing effective Products/Services
  • Analyzing market trends with a detailed Market Analysis
  • Implementing Successful Business Strategies
  • Formulating a robust Management Summary

 Why Attend?
Whether you’re navigating the startup waters or charting the course for expansion, this class is your compass. Gain the skills and insights needed to shape your business journey. This isn’t just a class; it’s an investment in your success. If you are considering entering the Minnow Tank Competition we will go over key things that will help to set you apart of the other business plans. 

 Ready to Elevate Your Business?
Empower yourself for the entrepreneurial journey ahead. Join us for this enriching class, and let’s build the foundation for your business triumph together! ??

The Blueprint for Business Prosperity:
Business Plan Writing – Plentywood
D 2/13/2024    10:00 AM – 12:00 PM            No Fee

Click here to register. 

The Blueprint for Business Prosperity:
Business Plan Writing – Scobey
D 2/13/2024    2:00 PM – 4:00 PM               No Fee

Click here to register.

The Blueprint for Business Prosperity:
Business Plan Writing – Sidney
D 2/15/2024      10:00 AM – 12:00 PM           No Fee

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The Blueprint for Business Prosperity:
Business Plan Writing – ONLINE
D 2/16/2024      10:00 AM – 12:00 PM           No Fee

Click here to register.

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Navigating National Quitters Day: Propel Your Small Business with SBDC Support

As the initial enthusiasm for New Year's resolutions begins to weaken, we find ourselves on  National Quitters Day, January 12th; it's the perfect moment to reignite your entrepreneurial spirit and transform your business aspirations into reality. In 2019, Strava...

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