Rent a Conference Room

Request for Use of Facilities Application

Small Conference Room (25 people):
Half day: $40
Full day: $90

Large Conference Room (50 people):
Half day: $110
Full day: $200

*Fees are based on the type of event/number of guests. Hourly rates can apply. 
*Parties/Large Dinners are subject to the large conference room.


Non-profit (501(c)(3))(Required)
Contact Person(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Start Time(Required)
End Time(Required)
Area(s) Requested(Required)
Will you need the kitchen/breakroom (for refrigeration, etc.)?(Required)
If yes, please clean the area after the event
Do you have liability insurance?(Required)
Our raters are discounted in comparison to other venues. We rely on those using the facilities to ensure all areas are left like you found them. Please notify us if there is any damage or problems that you may have encountered. Failure to clean up after your event could affect future use of GNDC facilities. PAYMENT MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO USAGE OF THE GNDC FACILITY. GNDC RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE OR DENY THE USE OF THE FACILITY.